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2010年-2012年の3年間、日本万博記念機構の助成を受け 大阪の万博公園で開催。




​北欧は冬がとても長いため、家の中で楽しみながら過ごすスペシャリストでもあります。 また日本と同じく自然神が根付いていて、見えないものへの価値感もとてもよく似ていると感じています。

今年2020年の夏至は、そんな北欧の音楽家が奏でる音楽、また共感頂ける日本や世界の音楽家の「心」をまるごと ご自宅で楽しんで頂ければと願っています。

4月某日 私どもに「ササヤカデスガキフデス」という匿名で10万円のお振込がありました。新型コロナのウイルスの影響で、誰もが厳しい状況の中で、一音楽事務所へご寄付くださり、本当に驚きと感動でした。直接お礼をお伝えすることができず、今私たちにできることを何度も考えました。このフェスティバルの企画を思い立ち、感謝を込めて運営費の一部として活用させて頂くことに致しました。




代表 小巖 仰

For three years from 2010 to 2012, the "Nordic Music Picnic" was held at the Expo Park in Osaka with the support from the Japan Expo Memorial Organization.

About 10,000 people participated each time, and the long dance that everyone holds hands has become tradition.

At the time, we planned and held the event with the intention of introducing the ways of Nordic Europe people, who had not yet taken root in Japan, how to spend their leisure time and how to enjoy music.

In 2013, we held “Music Picnic in the forest”. After that, we were in charge of the production of "Nordic music festival (2016/2017)" organized by Sanda City Cultural Center. While changing the style and shape, we have conveyed the charm of Nordic music, in Japan.


Unexpectedly, due to the new coronavirus, we were restricted from going out.

Since Nordic countries has a very long winter, they are also a specialist spends time in the house while having fun.

Also, as in Japan, the nature god is rooted, and I feel that the value of invisible things is very similar.

In the summer solstice of 2020, I hope you can enjoy the music played by Nordic and Japanese musicians and the "heart" of world musicians at home.


One day in April, we received an anonymous transfer of 100,000 JPY called "Modest Donation".

It was really amazing and impressed to donate to our music office in a situation when everyone is in a difficult situation due to the new corona virus.

I couldn't thank you directly and thought about what we can do now.
And then I thought of the planning of this festival and, with gratitude, decided to use it as a part of operating expenses.


We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of our colleagues, artists, and related parties for their so much kind cooperation.


Nordic Music Picnic Office
Representative / Kou Koiwa

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